Openn Negotiation is a simple online bidding process designed to be open and fair for both buyers and sellers. It cuts out any confusion or game playing, making the process of buying and selling efficient, transparent and far less stressful than it often can be. The Openn Negotiation process enables buyers, sellers and real estate agents to feel confident they will achieve the best result possible.

Where it all began

Openn Negotiation began in the same way many other revolutionary innovations occur: through the need for a better way of doing things, for everyone’s benefit. This was something that the Real Estate market really needed, due to the challenging market conditions and general frustrations with the selling process.

Openn Negotiation was developed by partnership between Technology Developer Peter Gibbons and two leading Western Australian Real Estate agents, Peter Clements and Brad Glover. They were convinced the property market was ready for a more effective and transparent way to sell property, one which left both buyers and sellers happy with the result and comfortable with the process itself.

The 2017 turning point

The Openn Founders gathered the years of feedback from buyers, sellers and agents on the frustrations with existing sales processes. They reflected what barriers that stopped buyers from engaging in the sale, and what parts caused frustrations and mistrust. They also spoke with agents about their issues around lack of buyer engagement and commitment during the sales process.

The issues identified provided a clear picture of what parts of the sales process stakeholders liked, and where improvements were required. The Founders then went to work on creating a better way of making people feel more confident about purchasing propery, while encouraging healthy competition between buyers so that sellers received the best outcome, no matter what external forces were at play.

The result was creating a new sales process, Openn Negotiation, that would mirror the best parts of Private Treaty, but allow the competitive tension of an Auction, and all managed by the Agent to ensure maximum satisfaction from all parties. In order to make this run seamlessly the Openn Negotiation bidding platform was developed.

By offering a clear bidding platform specifically designed to provide equal opportunities for all involved, Openn Negotiation has begun restoring people’s trust in the industry by offering a level of transparency that agents, buyers and sellers all value.

Thinking differently

Traditionally, the seller has always been the focus of the industry, which governed how all agents acted. So as you can imagine, shifting the focus to become more balanced toward the buyer involved some very creative thinking. The outcome has been described as one of the biggest innovative shifts in real estate in over 25 years.

“It has not only been achieving excellent results across many transactions, it has also begun restoring people’s trust in the real estate industry as a whole by offering a level of transparency that agents, buyers and sellers all value. We look forward to the exciting future, as more people discover how Openn Negotiation can help them buy and sell property in their local markets."

-Peter Clements

Behind Openn

Our amazing team at Openn Negotiation are real estate problem solvers, who come to work every day with the purpose of giving all parties the best chance of achieving the best results, in the shortest amount of time.


Trading Name

In Australia and New Zealand, The Openn process and related technologies are operated by PP Valley Pty Ltd trading as Openn Negotiation

ABN 31612338477


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