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Openn Negotiation is a revolutionary new way of buying and selling real estate that will bring the process into the 21st century and transform our industry for the better. Unlike most technology that’s trying to get rid of agents, Openn Negotiation creates a seamless integrated system that agents are a critical part of. As agents, we want to achieve the best price for our clients and make their experience as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. By taking the best parts of the current processes and eliminating the awkward and obsolete ones, Openn Negotiation has been designed to make transparency the rule, not the exception.

For agents, Openn Negotiation is the innovation we’ve been waiting for.  It allows us to sell more properties with minimum stress and maximum results.

The transparency that it brings to the process of buying and selling real estate restores trust and integrity to our industry, making what we do the way it should be…enjoyable and rewarding for everyone.


Upcoming Openn Negotiation Masterclass Sessions:

Become a CERTIFIED Openn Negotiation agent today and learn the habits & strategies of the most successful agents using Openn.


Openn Negotiation Training Seminar – 7CPD

Facilitated by: Jason Eldridge

When: Thursday 1st February 9AM – 4PM

Where: Domain Group, Subiaco

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Openn Negotiation – The Winning Edge 7CPD

Facilitated by: Jonathan Marlow

When: Monday 19th February 8:30AM-5:30PM

Where: Caves House Hotel, Yallingup

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