Christopher Melotti

Today, your clients are very well-informed.

The digital age means that people are highly educated and empowered about making their own decisions when it comes to their buying behaviour, and a Real Estate agent is one of them.

When we are called in for a listing presentation today, chances are that we’re being interviewed along with at least three other agents so they can make a decision on who is best to sell their home.

This presents us with the opportunity to step up and demonstrate our potential value to come out on top as the winning agent.

So, how does the modern Real Estate agent differentiate our services from the crowd?


Vendors are desperately looking for the right agent to sell with, and they are searching online for every fact, figure and statistic they can find on how best to make their choice.

Think back to your last listing presentation. Did they already have costs, timing and a sale price in mind? That’s because the online portals provide them with the results of all recent sales, as well as a breakdown of each suburb, right at their fingertips.

To add to this, if recent surveys are to be believed, unfortunately the average person doesn’t rate Real Estate agents very highly when it comes to ethics and honesty.

This means that we need to work differently to:

  1. Effectively gain their trust
  2. Demonstrate that we offer a better way to sell

If we get these two right, then we’re on the path to success.

How can Openn Negotiation help you stand out?

For most vendors, selling one of their largest assets is an emotional experience, especially if it’s a family home. This means that we, as Agents, have to break away from their transactional approach and connect with them on a more personal level to be successful.

Openn Negotiation allows us to offer this to our clients, and in doing so, deliver a more valuable experience than other agents can.

The Openn Negotiation process provides a level of transparency that will enhance the relationships between you and them through the nurturing of trust. This will help differentiate your service during the listing presentation, during the sale, and then your reputation in the market after the result.

Openn can restore the value both vendors and buyers see in your service by making the process far more clear and user friendly every step of the way.

By allowing the seller and all potential buyers to see everyone’s price and setting a time limit, a fair final result can be achieved by encouraging healthy competition.

This way, the seller can personally see the process unfold to reach true value, the buyers can bid confidently without missing an opportunity, and you, as the agent, acts as a facilitator, championing the exchange.

Openn allows you to offer a better way to exchange property

Openn Negotiation sets you apart from other agents as it combines the best aspects of private treaty, auction, expression of interest and end date sale into one fair and open process.

By using the Openn Negotiation app, approved buyers compete for the property from the comfort of their own homes, while the seller watches on in theirs.

This ground-breaking technology makes the process exciting, enjoyable and rewarding for all parties, and doesn’t leave anyone frustrated in the dark.

To find out how it works for agents click here, or sign up to the Openn App to become an Observer to see the process for yourself.

Watch a real example of a sale facilitated with Openn Negotiation

Click here to watch a video of a recent transaction done with the Openn Negotiation process, and see how the Openn app got them more than $44,000 over their reserve price (and how happy the vendors were with their agent!).

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