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    The 4 things ALL sellers want

    In order to achieve the best sales result, it’s crucial real estate agents understand the motivations and needs of their sellers. Here are four things ALL sellers want.

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    Transparency – the key to happy sellers

    The key to demonstrating to vendors the benefits they stand to gain by using an agent’s skills and experience comes down to one simple thing — transparency.

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    What does Real Estate Technology look like in 2019?

    Recently we sat down with Peter Clements, REIA’s 2018 Residential Salesperson of the Year to get his predictions and his thoughts on how agents can offer more value and can take advantage of technology.

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    New selling method requires more auctioneers

    As the popularity of Openn Negotiation grows across the country, so does the need for licensed auctioneers.

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    Tech review: how online selling methods shape up on compliance

    Every year, Real Estate agents are voted among some of the most untrusted professionals in Australia. Why? Because there’s a long history of questionable behaviour and tactics being performed which border on the unethical (such as Dutch Auctions) and the outright illegal (such as dummy bidding and underquoting).

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    Using Openn: a buyers perspective

    ‘Transparency when selling’ sounds like a great concept, however does it actually help get the best result for everyone involved? The best people to ask are those who are first-time users of Openn to share their thoughts on their experience.

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