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    Agent Credibility: Why real estate agents need to improve our Image

    Have you seen the recent report from Roy Morgan ranking the most trusted to the least trusted professions in Australia? Unfortunately, only 7% of Australians regarded Real Estate agents as greater than a 'high' rating for ethics and honesty.

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    Is Perth’s property market finally showing signs of recovery?

    The short answer is yes! After nearly a year of property climbing chaos, new sales statistics suggest Perth's property market may have finally bottomed out. Interested? Read our tips for 2018 and become an observer and see how people are bidding on houses in real time so you can decide for yourself.

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    Victorian property sells $52k over reserve with Openn Negotiation

    Online real estate auction platform Openn Negotiation has reported a successful weekend as the industry turns to the online realm for property auctions.

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