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    When selling your home, will you be left wondering?

    Selling your home can be a nervous time.

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    How Openn Negotiation is set to transform real estate through mutual benefits

    It’s an exciting time at the moment for Openn Negotiation, with our platform rolling out across Australia.

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    How does Openn Negotiation make money? - Blog | Openn Negotiation

    Given the rise in the number of technology platforms entering the real estate industry today, and the impact they each have on agents, we understand that it can make you nervous, especially if there is a threat to your commissions or pricing you out of the market.

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    Do I need to be tech savvy to use Openn Negotiation?

    Society has embraced the digital revolution, and today, we cannot seem to live without technology due to the conveniences they offer.

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    How does Openn Negotiation eliminate underquoting?

    All around Australia, states have put laws, rules and regulations in place to ban and punish the unethical practise of ‘underquoting’ in real estate.

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    How digital technology can empower Australian Real Estate agents

    The Real Estate industry is undergoing a lot of changes at the hands of technology every day.

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