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How long is an Openn Negotiation?

An Openn Negotiation campaign usually lasts between 1 - 4 weeks, but properties can sell earlier if the reserve price is met early. We have some properties sell in as few as 5 days! 

How much does it cost? 

It is a $550 (incl GST) fee to conducting an Openn Negotiation through the Openn Platform. This fee is paid for by the vendor under Vendor Paid Advertising.

Why should I use Openn Negotiation rather than traditional methods

Openn Negotiation is a selling system that combines the best parts of private treaty/sale and auction. Some of the key differences our Agents experience are:

  1. Sell listings faster - Openn's average days on market is 30 days  

  2. Points of difference - Openn provides you a real point of difference to win listings in your area. There are no costs to the agent and no ongoing subscriptions.

  3. No cooling off - Openn falls under the Auction umbrella, buyers are pre-contracted and there is no cooling off period. You can take any bid, high or low from day 1 of the campaign and legally show the bids on all real estate portals during campaign. The vendors and buyers can monitor competing bids as they come in, allowing the agent to offer real proof they’re achieving the best possible price the market is willing to pay. 

  4. More buyers can compete - Openn captures a wider buyer pool as buyers can bid with more flexible terms (subject to vendor approval).  

  5. Stale listing strategy - Agents are reinvigorating lifeless listings and clearing otherwise stale stock. 

Is this replacing real estate agents? 

Absolutely not. Openn Negotiation was created by agents, for agents and only licensed real estate agents are able to use Openn Negotiation. 

How do I list a property? 

Before you receive full agent access to Openn Negotiation, you are required to undergo Certification training. We have a range of options to help you get certified which you can register for here.

As a Certified Openn Agent, you’ll also receive 1-on-1 specialist coaching, marketing and promotional materials, access to our resource centre and entry to our private Facebook group of certified agents.  

How does a buyer become a bidder

To take part in the Openn Negotiation process a bidder is required to submit a pending price on the App and complete documentation with the Agent. The Agent then provides the terms to the Seller for approval and the pending price becomes a live bid and the bidder is qualified.  

Following this qualification process, the bidder is able to improve their bid at any time however they are under no obligation to bid again. 

I’m not an Auctioneer, can I still use Openn? 

Yes! While Openn Negotiation is technically an auction, you do not have to be an auctioneer to utilise it. However, an Auctioneer is still required to faciliate the process. Good news is we offer a register of Certified Openn Auctioneers that can work with you too. 

What if the technology breaks down? 

As stated under the contract conditions, if the Auctioneer or Agent reasonably determines that a technical problem has occurred or one or more of the Qualified Bidders is experiencing difficulty with the App, the Auctioneer or Agent can extend the negotiation to a future date. 

In this circumstance, the Qualified Bidders shall be bound by any prior bid and shall be free to recommence bidding at any amount the Qualified Bidder wishes. 

What if a buyer withdraws? 

As with any sales process, if the buyer does not wish to participate, they can pull out at any time. 

What if it doesn’t reach reserve price? 

If the property doesn’t reach the reserve price, the property is passed in and the Agent begins to negotiate with any interested parties, including the existing bidders. 

Can we change the reserve price? 

The reserve price can be changed at any time during the campaign. However, if the reserve price is met no changes can be made to it to ensure the legitimacy of the process. 

What is the Campaign Stage and Final Bidding Stage? 

The Campaign Stage is from the time of listing until the Final Bidding Stage starts. This is when the agent is qualifying buyers, holding home opens and inspections and buyers are able to enter their pending price. Buyers can improve on their bid at this time, once qualified. 

The Final Bidding Stage is the final stage of the Openn Negotiation where no more new buyers can be accepted and an initial five minute countdown timer displays on the screen waiting for the next bid. 

During this stage, each time someone bids, the bidding clock resets and allows two minutes for any other bidder to make their next bid.  

The two minute clock is designed to give buyers multiple opportunities to bid and provide plenty of time for you to determine your next bid. 

Note that the agent, who is usually sitting with the owner, can pause the negotiation if required and speak to the owner to set new bidding increments, determine when the home meets the reserve or reduce the reserve if required, call the buyer direct to encourage an additional bid or determine if you are out of the process. 

If the Agent sees the bidding slowing down, they can reduce the bidding increment just as you’d expect with a traditional auction and when the bid increment is adjusted, the two minute clock restarts, to give all buyers a chance to bid at the lower increment.  

Once the reserve price is met, a large red banner will appear announcing the property is on the market and will sell! 

After the clock runs out; if the property has reached reserve, it has sold to the highest bidder or if it has not met reserve it is passed in and the Agent will continue negotiations with the bidders.   

When does the winning bidder pay the deposit?

The amount and timing of deposit payments will be addressed in the Terms and Conditions of the Contract of Sale that are submitted to the seller for acceptance. 

The Agent should provide guidance as to what would be acceptable to the owner and ensure they are meeting the appropriate legislation requirements to execute the contract. 

Can the sellers bid? 

Under the terms and conditions of an Openn Negotiation, the seller is not allowed to instruct or make a vendor bid, or cause a bid to be made on their behalf. 

In the case that they are a co-owner and want to purchase the property, they will go through the qualification process just like any other bidder and will be identified on their paddle number as a vendor.  

What if a buyer doesn’t want to wait till the Final Bidding Stage? 

The Agent and the Seller are in control of the date and time of the Final Bidding Stage is set to ensure an optimal outcome is achieved for all Parties. Under the Terms, the Final Bidding Stage can be moved forward to any time so long as at least 12 hours-notice is provided and it is run between 8am and 9pm Standard Time. 

What if a buyer just wants to buy it now and put in an offer? 

With Openn Negotiation, the Seller may accept a Sole Bidder's price and sell the property through the App immediately. 

Where there are already other Qualified Bidders, the Agent must give all Bidders fair opportunity to compete to purchase the property in the Final Bidding Stage. 

Where are the owners during the campaign and Final Bidding Stage? 

The owners will generally be sitting with the Agent throughout the Final Bidding Stage but can be elsewhere as long as they are contactable. This allows direct discussion regarding any change to the reserve price, bidding increments and to sign off on the final purchase price.