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You upload your vendor’s property on the Openn platform, as well as the sale date.

Next, you'll show the property and buyers can submit their price and terms & conditions for the vendors consideration.

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For the buyer to be qualified in the negotiation, your vendor must sign off on their terms.

This way, all buyers are formally committed from the start - just in case the final bidding stage is moved forward.

They can now compete with complete transparency, with the knowledge they can't miss out on a chance to purchase the property.


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Now the agent, the vendor and all qualified buyers will see the countdown until the final bidding stage and the current highest bid.

Buyers can improve their price in the lead up to the final bidding stage.

Agents work with the buyers and the vendor to get the best result possible

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The bidding process

The Openn Negotiation process has two stages:

  1. The campaign bidding stage and
  2. The final bidding stage.

Watch this video to see how it all works to
get the best result for everyone OR

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Common agent questions

What does it cost?

FREE for Real Estate Agents

FREE for qualified buyers

$2 for observers

$440 incl GST for vendors (as VPA)

What if a buyer pulls out?

As with any sales process, if the buyer does not wish to participate, they can pull out any time prior to having their offer accepted by the seller.

What if it doesn’t reach the reserve price?

If it doesn’t reach the reserve price, much like an auction, you are able to negotiate with the highest bidder and other qualified buyers.

Typically, this still results in a much quicker sale as vendors expectations are more in line with the market price.


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Openn Negotiation can be downloaded to your mobile device via the App Store or Google Play. Search for the mobile app from your mobile device, or click on the store links at the bottom of this page for more details.

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