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Create your account, verify your email address and search for the property you're interested in.

Join as a bidder and enter your starting price. This doesn't have to be your best price; you can even start at a level below what you think the property worth.

After you've entered a starting price, you have the opportunity to input further details, including any terms, should you be the winning bidder. Skip this step if you're unsure, the most important thing to do is enter a starting price.

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Pressing submit will notify the agent who will get in touch and help you complete the documentation.

The Agent will have the Seller approve and sign off on your terms before approving your price in the app and notifying you that you are now qualified.

Once qualified, your starting price will become a live bid and you'll be assigned a unique paddle number. Being qualified also means you'll be notified if the Final Bidding Stage is brought forward.

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As a qualified buyer, you'll see the countdown until the Final Bidding Stage and the current highest bid. During the Campaign Bidding Stage, you can improve your price at any time.

In the Final Bidding Stage, every time a new bid is made or the bidding increment is change, the 2-minute clock will restart, to give everyone a chance to bid again.

Relax and enjoy the process. You're in complete control and the only way you will miss out is if you choose not to bid any further.

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The bidding process

The Openn Negotiation process has two stages:

  1. The campaign bidding stage and
  2. The final bidding stage.

Only qualified buyers can participate in the Final Bidding Stage. If you don't register your interest by submitting your price during the Campaign Bidding Stage, you could miss out, as the property could sell as early as today or tomorrow.









Common buyer questions

How do I know the bids are legitimate?

Each Qualified Bidder is fully qualified prior to joining the Openn Negotiation and are contracted to purchase the property should they be the highest bidder once the reserve price has been met.

What if I want to pull out?

If you decide you do not wish to particpate further,you can withdraw an approved bid at any time during the campaign stage. It is important to note, if you withdraw your bid, it might mean you can't rejoin later.

If I win, when do I pay the deposit?

The amount and timing of payment of the deposit will be addressed in the Terms and Conditions of Sale that are submitted to the seller for acceptance. The agent will help to provide guidance on this.

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Download the app


Openn Negotiation can be downloaded to your mobile device via the App Store or Google Play. Search for the mobile app from your mobile device, or click on the store links at the bottom of this page for more details.

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