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Your agent uploads your property to the Openn Negotiation platform and any other browsing portals to begin the campaign.

Note: If your real estate agent is not certified, have them contact our team to get trained in as little as 48 hours as only trained agents can list on the Openn Negotiation platform.

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Interested buyers will enter their pending price and submit their terms and conditions for your consideration and approval.

Once you've signed the documentation, their pending price comes a live bid and they're qualified to participate in the Openn Negotiation.

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Now you can sit back and watch the process unfold from your device in real time! You'll be able to see how long until the Final Bidding Stage begins and stay informed on how the campaign is progressing.

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The Openn Negotiation Process

The Openn Negotiation process has two stages:

  1. The Campaign Bidding Stage
  2. The Final Bidding Stage

The Campaign Stage is from the time of listing until the Final Bidding Stage starts. This is when the agent is qualifying buyers, holding home opens and inspections. Only qualified buyers, approved by the Seller, can participate in the Final Bidding Stage. The Seller can choose to change the reserve price and the Final Bidding Stage date throughout the Campaign Bidding Stage.





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Common seller questions

How much does it cost?

It is a $550 (incl GST) fee to conducting an Openn Negotiation through the Openn Platform. This fee is paid for by the vendor under Vendor Paid Advertising..

What if it doesn’t reach the reserve price?

If the property doesn't reach the reserve price and the Seller does not want to reduce the reserve, the property can pass in and the agent can begin to negotiate with any interested parties.

Are we obligated to take the highest bid?

If the bid is above the reserve price, the property must be sold to the highest bidder at the completion of the Final Bidding Stage, on the agreed terms.

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Openn Negotiation can be downloaded to your mobile device via the App Store or Google Play. Search for the app from your device, or click on the store links at the bottom of this page for more details.
Otherwise click on the button below to get registered.

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Real Estate agents have to be
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