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Create an account on Openn to be able to favourite, observe and submit bids or offers on properties.

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Find the property you're interested in and enter your starting price, some personal details and terms for the sellers approval. Once you've qualified and been accepted by the agent, you are allocated a unique paddle number and able to participate further.

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Continue to improve your price at any time, from any device anywhere in the world with an internet connection. You're in control. The winning buyer is notified through the app, and the agent can choose to execute the contract digitally.


Purchasing property has never been this transparent

The first step to being able to purchase a property, is becoming a qualified buyer by entering your starting price, some personal information and any terms.

Watch this video to see how to buy a property listed with Openn and how Openn keeps you informed in real time, allowing you to make confident decisions about buying real estate.

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Why is it important to qualify early?

If you like the property, it is best to get qualified straight away because it could sell at any time. The qualification process can take up to 24 hours.

What is 'Observe'?

This feature is made available by the agent, allowing users to watch and learn the process or the sale, without having to place a bid. If you are unable to observe a property via the app, please contact the agent who will be able to assist. Remember, observing does not mean you are qualified to participate in the negotiations but it will allow you to watch the process.

What if I change my mind and don't want to participate further?

If you decide you do not wish to participate anymore, you can withdraw during the campaign stage or before the property has met reserve.

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