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Find the property you’re interested in, click the ‘Join as a bidder’ button and submit a pending bid.

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You’ll need to complete and sign some documentation, including any terms. The agent will help with this.

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3. BID

If the seller accepts and signs, your pending bid becomes live and you're now qualified to bid further.


Bidding in an Openn Negotiation

Want to buy a property listed for sale via Openn Negotiation? The first step is becoming a qualified bidder.

Watch this video to understand how the qualification process works and learn what you need to do to secure the property you love!






How do I know all bids are legitimate?

Every bidder is fully verified prior to participating. To qualify to bid, all buyers are required to complete and sign a fully binding contract, which is then signed by the seller. The Openn Negotiation platform is highly secure and safe for all users.

What if I want to pull out?

If you decide you do not wish to particpate further, you can withdraw an approved bid at any time during the campaign stage. It is important to note, if you withdraw your bid, it might mean you can't rejoin later.

If I win, when do I pay the deposit?

The amount and timing of payment of the deposit will be addressed in the Terms and Conditions of Sale that are submitted to the seller for acceptance. The agent will help to provide guidance on this.

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