Hearing is believing

With Openn Negotiation, everyone wins, but don’t just take it from us, here’s what those who’ve used it successfully have to say.

This was our first time using Openn to sell an 82 year old client’s home and couldn’t be happier with the result. We had 50 groups attend the home open, with 14 bidders, 29 observers and 59 bids on the day!

The next day we contacted the unsuccessful bidders and all were extremely happy with the result despite missing out on the property … Many even commented they would use the Openn process again.

As for the successful bidder, he is a real estate agent himself who was purchasing a home of his own and has now signed up to become an Openn agent!”

Cheryl & Ray Oprandi – SLP Real Estate, November 20 2017

What a great result for the owners and a relaxed open environment for the buyers involved. We had 3 registered bidders who were fully informed all the way through the process and totally understood how things would pan out on the night. A very relaxed bidding environment resulted in a sale price $45,000 above the reserve. From all reports the buyers liked the process and the sellers LOVED it. On the night we even had the sellers thanking the buyers for their bidding and the buyers wishing the sellers all the best.”

Lindsay Earnshaw – Earnshaws Real Estate, May 19 207


We were blown away by how effective the Openn Negotiation method of selling was, property sold in less than a month and final price agreed under 8 minutes!

Having seen this, I wouldn’t sell a property any other way.

We had the property on the market for 6 months in 2016 and didn’t get close to this result. Thanks so much!”

Rob Chandler – Seller, June 7 2017


Another successful Openn Negotiation and the use of the Openn app. With the final Openn Negotiation being brought forward by 14 days (so a 2 week campaign in total). With 9 bidders in total, 37 bids (15 bids in the Campaign Bidding Stage, 22 bids in the Final Bidding Stage of 23 minutes 29 seconds), this property was sold above the sellers reserve price. Sellers are very happy and saying they loved the Openn Negotiation process!”

Zamia St, Mt Claremont – Posted on Facebook and Linkedin 8 May 2017

Having had a couple of buyers register their interest in the weeks leading up to the evening which the Openn Negotiation was scheduled, it was in the final few days that we saw the majority of buyers register their interest. Our marketing campaign managed to reach buyers from all over the world, of whom we then managed to convert to registered bidders – one group from Singapore, another from New South Wales, and the rest from Perth.

With the seller present at our boardroom table and everything visible on the big screen, once we started the process, it didn’t take long for the bids to start coming! To start off with, we agreed to set the bid increment at $5,000. This created fast and competitive bidding, where 22 bids were made.  By this point, the property had passed the reserve price and was “On The Market.” With the speed of bids slowing, the bid increment was set to $2,000. There was then a final bid of $2,000, which secured the property for that buyer!

The whole process from the first bid to the final bid went for an overall duration of 18 minutes. The process through the Openn App ran seamlessly, and being able to close the transaction in total transparency with the seller present brings them confidence that all has been done and are able to witness the whole process from start to finish.”

 Richard Clucas – Abel McGrath, Claremont, June 5 2017

Openn Negotiation will enable our roles as problem solvers, facilitators, and communicators to not only be protected, but also empowered and required. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be in this amazing industry during this ground breaking and innovative phase.”

Nic Di Rosso – Asset Residential