Having had a couple of buyers register their interest in the weeks leading up to the evening which the Openn Negotiation was scheduled, it was in the final few days that we saw the majority of buyers register their interest.

Our marketing campaign managed to reach buyers from all over the world, of whom we then managed to convert to registered bidders – one group from Singapore, another from New South Wales, and the rest from Perth.

With the seller present at our boardroom table and everything visible on the big screen, once we started the process, it didn’t take long for the bids to start coming!

The whole process from the first bid to the final bid went for an overall duration of 18 minutes. The process through the Openn App ran seamlessly, and being able to close the transaction in total transparency with the seller present brings them confidence that all has been done and they are able to witness the whole process from start to finish.”

Richard Clucas – Abel McGrath, Claremont, June 5 2017

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