Openn is the most advanced and efficient way of selling real estate in Australia.

It’s a process that will enhance relationships between real estate agents & consumers.



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More listings, less time, better results.
When a property is for sale with Openn,
it means buyers, sellers and real estate
agents can be confident they'll get the
best result possible, in the shortest amount of time.



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Designed to encourage buyer competition
in a shorter time frame, you and your
vendor will be able to watch
the process occur in real time.



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With transparency comes trust.
No vendor bids, no imaginary buyers
Real estate agents who use Openn
are restoring value in the profession -
selling more property, in less time,
with better results.


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When was the last time you were THIS excited about selling property?

Openn Negotiation is our unique sales process that combines the best of auction and private treaty.

Hear from some of the leading agents across the country who have used the process to transform their businesses and their clients lives!

These are real agents getting real results thanks to the power of Openn.


How it works

Openn facilitates a more transparent process for buying and selling property.

Our cloud-based platform keeps you and your Vendor informed about the negotiation in real time and allows buyers to make confident decisions about their property purchases.

Using Openn connects you with more prospective clients than ever before and restores the trust in real estate, by making the process far more clear and user friendly.

But don't just take our word for it...

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Key benefits for agents

Openn caters to all sales methods

The Openn platform offers multiple digital sales processes which give you the flexibility to adapt the campaign to suit your vendors needs. Whether they prefer the features of an auction or private treaty framework, Openn caters for it all.

Embeddable 'Make an Offer' or 'Place a Bid' button

Drive traffic to your own website and guide buyers toward making an offer with a customisable button on your own listing.

Enjoy more flexibilty

Every property is different and so is every seller. That’s why flexibility is at the core of the Openn platform – choose the right sales process for your seller, extend the campaign or bring it forward to sell quickly and switch between sales methods easily.

Elevated client communication

When you’ve got multiple offers flying in, going back and forth to every buyer isn’t easy. It’s downright gruelling. Not to mention keeping your sellers in the loop the whole time. Openn streamlines the communication process with real-time notifications when buyers join, bid, increase their price, or withdraw.

Electronic, signing solution

Enjoy digitised and automated contracts with our digital signing solution allowing all pre-contracted information and terms to be generated into the final contract of sale.  It’s an efficient and easy process - all that’s required is the final price and the signature. The app then prepares this in a contract envelope to be sent to the appropriate signees to be signed off digitally.

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Want to watch an Openn sale in
real-time? Sign up today to observe
a real property sale. To get
started, download the app via the
App Store or Google Play.

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Real Estate agents have to be
officially certified to use this system
If you’re looking for an approved agent,
we have them all here, so you can
choose the right person for you.

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