Openn Negotiation is the only way to buy property openly and fairly.

Don't miss out on a property because you didn't know how much to pay or couldn't meet the terms of sale.



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Simple, secure and transparent.
As a qualified buyer in an Openn Negotiation,
you'll always be able to see the current price
and how many other bidders there are,
No more wondering if your competition is real.



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Once you’re qualified, you have complete
control over where you stand in the bidding.
You can choose to improve your price to try
and knock the competition out early, or you
can wait for the final bidding stage.



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Say goodbye to missing out on a property you
love, because you didn’t know what to pay.
As a qualified buyer in an Openn Negotiation,
you’ll always have a fair chance to purchase the property.


How it works

Openn Negotiation is an online platform and app that provides you with transparency of price, so you can make informed property decisions.

Being able to see what other buyers are willing to pay gives you confidence in the value of the property and that your competition is real.

You can participate in the bidding from anywhere in the world, in complete privacy, and all you need is a device with an internet connection.

Watch the video to learn more, otherwise you can check out some success stories....

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Key benefits for buyers

You can bid multiple times

During the Final Bidding Stage, every time a bid is made the 2-minute clock will restart to give you enough time to decide whether to bid again. This allows you to make multiple bids and not miss out on the home you have your heart set on owning - unless you decide the price is too much, in which case you simply stop bidding.

Complete transparency

Unlike traditional selling methods, Openn Negotiation is completely transparent. Qualified buyers know exactly what is happening throughout the entire process and are not kept in the dark.

Your competition is real

All buyers are pre-contracted and legally bound to purchase the property should they be the highest bidder once the reserve price has been met. This contracting process involves submitting any terms and conditions for the Seller's consideration and approval via signature BEFORE a bid is accepted. So rest assured, you’re competition is real.

Buy with confidence

Being able to see what other buyers are offering gives you confidence in the value of the property in real time. Even if you pay a little more than planned, you're assured it was in competition with real buyers.


How Openn compares

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Want to watch an Openn sale in
real-time? Sign up today to register
your interest on a property. To get
started, download the app via the
App Store or Google Play.

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Real Estate agents have to be
officially certified to use this system
If you’re looking for an approved agent,
we have them all here, so you can
choose the right person for you.

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