The process of selling property should be more rewarding -

With less guessing, more transparency and lots of excitement.



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Simple, secure and transparent.
When you sell your property by Openn
Negotiation, it means you've got the
best chance of finding the best price
in the shortest time frame.



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Designed to encourage buyer competition
in a shorter time frame, you and your
agent will be able to see all competing bids
and watch the process occur in real time.



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During your Openn Negotiation
you work closely with your chosen
qualified real estate agent,
who controls the process to reach
the best outcome for you.


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Thinking of selling with Openn Negotiation?

Hear from some of the leading agents across the country who have used the process to transform their business!

These are real agents getting real results thanks to the transparency of Openn Negotiation.


What is Openn?

Openn Negotiation is an online platform and app that allows qualified buyers to openly negotiate on price with the advantage of knowing exactly how many real, competing buyers there are.

This means, as a Seller, you're able to see what real buyers are bidding for your property in real time. It gives you confidence in the sale value of your property and it reaching the maximum market value.

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Key benefits for sellers

Your best chance for a great price

As Openn Negotiation has a countdown timer, interested buyers will need to get qualified asap if they want a chance to purchase your property.

Buyer competition

Buyers like Openn Negotiation because they can start at a comfortable level and follow the price up to your reserve, as the competition builds. More buyers means more competition, and a better chance of realising your best result.

Real time feedback

All buyers are pre-contracted and approved by you, meaning you have a real time indication of how many qualified bidders are placing legally binding bids, from as early as day one.

You won't let your best offer walk out the door

In real estate you'll often hear, "Your first offer will be your best offer". With Openn you can test this by capturing the first buyer, and not risk them walking away.

A wide buyer pool

With Openn Negotiation, buyers can be anywhere in the world and aren't locked into specific conditions. They can submit their settlement date, deposit and even finance conditions for your approval from the start. This flexbility allow more buyers to participate.

Lower days on market

The facts indicate that the longer your property is on the market, the less likely you will achieve the best possible price. Openn Negotiation allows the sales process to be conducted over a short and defined time, providing certainty and avoiding endless open homes and disappointments.


How Openn compares

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Want to watch an Openn sale in
real-time? Sign up today to register
your interest on a property. To get
started, download the app via the
App Store or Google Play.

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Real Estate agents have to be
officially certified to use this system
If you’re looking for an approved agent,
we have them all here, so you can
choose the right person for you.

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