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A better way for Agents

You, as a busy agent, strive for the best possible transaction scenario:

  • the optimum price for your property
  • in the quickest possible time
  • with the least amount of hassle
  • leaving both vendors and buyers happy with your service

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always occur. However, Openn Negotiation ensures this optimal outcome for each of your listings by offering complete transparency, which builds trust. It also allows the sales process to be conducted over a short defined time, providing certainty, while avoiding endless open homes and displeased clients.

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Why Openn Negotiation?

Simple, secure and transparent. When a property is for sale by Openn Negotiation, it means buyers, sellers and agents can be confident knowing they'll get the best result possible.

Complete Bidding Transparency

Designed to encourage greater buyer competition, you'll be able to see competing bids and watch the process occur in real time.

Agents with Integrity

With transparency comes trust. Openn Negotiation results in greater customer satisfaction by connecting real estate agents with more active buyers and sellers.

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The Key Benefits for an Agent

Created by real estate agents, for real estate agents, Openn Negotiation allows us to sell more properties with minimum stress and maximum results, leaving your vendors and buyers very happy.

With over 280 agents now certified, over $100 Million in Sales, and great feedback from Buyers, Sellers and Agents who have used the online bidding platform, it’s time to join the Real Estate revolution.

• You want the optimum price for your property in the quickest time possible, and Openn Negotiation enables this by maximising the audience of possible buyers without placing a ceiling on the potential price that can be achieved.

• It puts you, as the agent, in the driver’s seat by giving you the power to only approve the terms and conditions that suit your vendor’s situation.

• It allows the sales process to be conducted over a short defined time, providing certainty and avoiding endless home opens and disappointments.

• Unlike the current processes, Openn Negotiation ensures early contractual commitment of interest from buyers.

• Knowing how many committed buyers are competing for your listings gives you and your vendor confidence about how it’s performing, and makes the whole process less stressful.

• Openn Negotiation gives buyers every opportunity to pay their highest price, enabling optimum results will be achieved

• On the day of the Openn Negotiation, you can work closely with your vendor to control the process and reach the best possible outcome for all parties


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