Making buying property simpler

and more transparent for you

Never miss out on your ideal property again

because you were kept in the dark


A better way for buyers

Have you ever put an offer on a property in the past? You never know if:

  • You’re not paying too much
  • You won’t miss out

This balancing act can be both exhausting and frustrating. Openn Negotiation makes the buying process much more simple and transparent.




Why Openn Negotiation?

Simple, secure and transparent. When a property is for sale by Openn Negotiation, it means buyers, sellers and agents can be confident knowing they'll get the best result possible.

You're in control

Once your terms are accepted by the seller, you're in full control of what you offer. You'll be able to see competing bids, so you'll never miss out on a property because you didn’t know how much to pay.

Agents with integrity

With transparency comes trust. Openn Negotiation results in greater customer satisfaction by connecting real estate agents with more active buyers and sellers. see how Openn works

See how it works

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See properties for sale


The key benefits for a buyer

• As a property cannot be sold until the bid clock runs down, you have enough time to increase your bid and not miss out on the home you have your heart set on owning

• Unlike traditional selling methods, Openn Negotiation is completely transparent. You will know exactly what’s going on throughout the entire process, and not kept in the dark

• You are able to make rational and clear decisions on your bid price without the guesswork of private treaty and closing date sales, or the public scrutiny of an auction

• Being able to see what other buyers are bidding gives you confidence in the value of the property and in putting forward your maximum price


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